Teacher’s Profile



Maiko Nagaoka was born in Nagoya, the 4th largest city in Japan in 1973. Maiko grew up in the child care center that her grandmother was running as a director. Her mother and aunts worked as teachers and staffs in the child care center, taking care of about 100 children from 0 to 12 years old. She treasures the memories of her childhood growing up in the child care center with all of her family members.

When Maiko was 16, she traveled to India with her father. There, she was fascinated to explore different cultures and decided to study Anthropology. While she studied Anthropology for her bachelor’s degree, she backpacked in 4 different continents, Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa to learn about other cultures and the ruins of the past civilizations. She received her B.A. in Anthropology along with the certificates for high school Social Study teacher and curator. She studied Native Alaskan culture for her Master’s degree at Nagoya University in Japan.

Maiko met her husband in Fairbanks where she was visiting the Native Alaskan experts. After Maiko had received her Master’s degree in Japan, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Now she is a mother of 2 boys and 3 girls (6-16 years old).

 All her five children were accepted for local district Highly Gifted Program, which requires IQ  and Ability scores of 99 percentiles and above, and Achievement scores (Math and Reading) of 98 percentiles and above.

Maiko loves researching and writing. She writes articles on parenting,  a poem, haiku and story in Japanese. Maiko also loves Art and being in nature.